Wednesday, May 17, 2006

An Accordian Mishap

Over a year ago, I started the Accordian Sweater from knitty. After finishing most of the back last spring, I set it aside to knit summer, holiday and olympic projects. I finished the back this past winter and knit the two front pieces. I then brought them to a Knit-In meeting right before the Olympics. I was confused as to how the front and back pieces fit together along with the sleeves, and after consulting the pattern Anne and Kim figured out that I had made a mistake. In the shape neck and shoulders section, it says to

Work first row putting first 6[6, 6, 6] sts on holder. Dec 1 st at neck edge on next 6[6, 9, 9] rows, then dec 1 st every other row 7[7, 9, 9] times -- 30[32, 33, 35] sts. Cont in patt until work measures 23.5[24.5, 25.5, 26.5] inches then beg shoulder shaping.

I thought that this meant to decrease on the opposite side of the six sts on the holder, not decrease right after putting the six sts on the holder. The flap from the six sts is for the zipper, not for a panel under the armpit. As can be seen below, the front panel on the left is the corrected version, and it looks much better than the uncorrected one on the right. I just wanted to point out my mistake, because I figured that if I messed up someone else did/will.
With that confusion behind me, I'm now working on the sleeves. My goal is to wear this sweater next fall.