Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Proof of the Sweater Curse

Yes knitters, even the popular media knows about the sweater curse. I found this from an article on the 10 worst holiday gifts:

For Men:
5. Elaborate handmade gifts
While a gift you make can mean much more than anything store-bought, guys often get uncomfortable and feel obligated if you give them something you’ve truly toiled over. Says Bob Brennan of Pittsfield, MA: “A woman I’d been dating a couple of months gave me a sweater she’d hand-knit for me... it must’ve taken weeks. I felt really awkward that she’d put so much effort into my present and kinda pulled back a bit after that.” You also want to go easy on the handcrafted gifts that celebrate your union. A tray decoupaged with photos of the two of you is a bit much for anyone but a husband to handle.


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