Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Secret Pal Package

I received a package from my SP6! She sent me some cool blue/purple hand-dyed cotton tape yarn, a cloth needle bag that she sewed herself (!), some bamboo needles with new pink and blue tops and a tin of mints. I'm going to get a lot of use out of the needle back. Right now I'm keeping most of my needles in a Barbie needles canister that was my mom's. It's very cool and retro, but everytime I look for a needle I have to pull all of them out. I've been meaning to post a picture of it.

Also, the knitter who I spoiled in SP6 was Naomi. You should go check out her blog and see all the great things she's knitting and her cute kitten. She's another knitting scientist making her way through graduate school.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Proof of the Sweater Curse

Yes knitters, even the popular media knows about the sweater curse. I found this from an article on the 10 worst holiday gifts:

For Men:
5. Elaborate handmade gifts
While a gift you make can mean much more than anything store-bought, guys often get uncomfortable and feel obligated if you give them something you’ve truly toiled over. Says Bob Brennan of Pittsfield, MA: “A woman I’d been dating a couple of months gave me a sweater she’d hand-knit for me... it must’ve taken weeks. I felt really awkward that she’d put so much effort into my present and kinda pulled back a bit after that.” You also want to go easy on the handcrafted gifts that celebrate your union. A tray decoupaged with photos of the two of you is a bit much for anyone but a husband to handle.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with my honey's family in Chicago. B.'s parents made a very tasty Thanksgiving dinner. Along with the usual turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing, we had brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes - two foods that my parents dislike and hence I never had as a kid. But strangely I like both these foods, especially sweet potatoes. Yum, yum.

We had lots of family time, as I got to meet my honey's aunt, uncle and cousins from Colorado. We also visited with my aunt, uncle and cousins who live 15 minutes from my honey. My brother and his girlfriend were visiting my aunt and uncle, and we all went out to dinner. Looking back, I'm glad I got to see my brother and his girlfriend, because now they might not be able to come home for Christmas, due to his work schedule changing.

We also went shopping in downtown Chicago, and B. miraculously found four pairs of shoes that fit him! This is amazing, because he wears a size 13 B, and shoe shopping with him is a painful experience. There is a reason why he's had the same dress shoes since his 13th birthday. My honey's parents took us to see Wicked, which was amazing. The musical is about what happened in the Land of Oz before Dorothy dropped in. Specifically how two young witches, Elphaba and Glinda become unlikely school friends. Ana Gasteyer from SNL played Elphaba, and she was great, as were all the actors.

And of course, we can't forget Charlie the beagle. He was his cute-yet-rascal self. Charlie got a much-needed haircut and his nails trimmed over the weekend. Part of the grooming package was a bandana, and I took lots of pictures of him with the bandana and doing some tricks. You will be able to see the rest of the pictures on my honey's photo website once he posts the pictures. (Hint, hint). :) But I shouldn't get on his case too much, because he's learning how to cross-country ski today for me.

Charlie has the cutest, floppiest ears. Charlie often walks around the house with one ear flopped back, which I call his disheveled look. Like a typical boy, he doesn't care much about his appearance. The picture on the right is his Dumbo look.

Next, I got Charlie to do his "be cute" trick with the help of my honey's dad. This trick consists of him standing up on his back legs and moving his front paws back and forth. He will also do it on his own to get attention. Needless to say, this usually works.

After completing the "be cute" trick a couple of times, B.'s dad set the treat on the floor. Now Charlie is trained to only eat after the command "bon appetite" is given. That is why he is sitting there patiently, not gobbling up the treat. Charlie is looking up at B.'s dad waiting for the command. But my honey's dad teases Charlie by telling him to do another trick, "playing dead," which is signaled by pointing at him like your hand is a gun and saying "bang-bang". Charlie ignores this command for awhile, and looks back and forth between B.'s dad and the treat. He eventually does the trick and gets his treat.