Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Strawberry Supreme

If you're having a major strawberry craving, this recipe is for you. I made it for my friend Tara's birthday (Happy Birthday T-Co!), and it was fabulous. The cake is made from a strawberry cake mix, but instead of water you add strawberry nectar. Then in between the layers is strawberry jam and thinly sliced strawberries. The cake is frosted with strawberry frosting, and topped with more sliced strawberries. Yum, yum. As you can see, I was only able to get photographic evidence after most of the cake had been eaten. The jam and strawberries between the layers made the cake very moist. The artificially-flavored strawberry frosting might have been a bit too much, but I'm also not a big fan of overly sweet frosting. I think a vanilla or butter cream frosting would be good as well.

the cake was beautiful before it was cut into, perfect for a girl's birthday party or valentine's day.

look at all those moist strawberry layers!


At 5:58 AM, October 19, 2005, Blogger Kate said...

Beautiful cake! I'm going to keep it in mind to make in January as an antidote to winter.


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