Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference

Last weekend I went to a conference in Chicago, and here's a picture of me with my poster:

Overall the trip was fine. I got to visit with my undergraduate research advisor, and I met some of the students who currently work in her lab. My labmates, advisor and I had Chicago-style pizza which was yummy! I did have to put up with one of my labmates though, who I can't stand. He's a complete moron when it comes to common sense and chemistry, and he has gross personal habits like smacking his lips while eating and snorting constantly. Conversations with him are always punctuated with snorts, and it's easy to locate him in a crowded auditorium.

I got alot of knitting done on the car ride, and helped another labmate with some knitting. She's more of a crocheter, but wants to knit a baby blanket for a friend. I walked her through the basket weave pattern, but it kept looking funky. So I finally watched her knit, and what she called knitting was purling into the back of the stitch. The woman who taught her how to knit said knitting was done with the back of the stitch and purling was done into the front. I'd never heard of that before. Once we got things straightened out her swatch looked great. I didn't get all of this sock knitting done on this car trip, some of it was done the weekend before when I went to Peoria for my cousin's wedding. There will be pictures of that trip as soon as my boyfriend remembers to email me the pictures.

stormy sock in lab


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