Wednesday, August 17, 2005

k ∞ tog

I finally supported by buying this cool shirt and two bumper stickers. I got some funny looks from my non-knitting friends, asking me "what's that on your shirt?" Then I go to Ann Arbor Knit-In and no one says a word about the shirt. I guess it's because a knitter reads the writing like, duh, of course that's what it means. While knitting lingo might not be our mother tongue, it's become second nature.

It's a little difficult to see in the picture, but there are band-aids on my left thumb and index finger. About a half an hour before I was going to leave work, I was getting some NMR samples ready. I was working too fast, and broke off the top of the glass tube and gouged out my thumb and cut my finger with the remaining part of the tube. It was bleeding badly, and I would have gone to the University Health Services if they were open. So I just bandaged it up as best as possible, and was grateful that I got my tetanus shot a couple of months ago. But did that stop me from knitting? Yeah, you know the answer to that.

k1p1 with band-aids Posted by Picasa