Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Introducing Picasso Moon

The next time you are having a bad day, come back to this blog just to laugh at this picture:

No, it's not the abominable snowman, it's my dog Picasso Moon in mid-sneeze. My mom took this photo of him after a haircut. Maybe the shampoo was bothering his allergies. Maybe he was expressing how he felt about the haircut. I think he was embarrassed though of being caught sneezing on film from the next photo:

This is what Picasso looks like normally, which is more sheep dog than lab. Note the beer bottle next to him. He's a true Wisconsin dog and loves beer. Every night after my dad drinks a beer, he gives the bottle to Picasso, who licks the last swallow out of it.

We got Picasso and his brother Darkstar, the brown dog with the pink boa that's my profile icon, when I was in high school, so I think of them as my dogs even if I see them twice a year. They are actually litter mates, a mix of cocker spaniel, lab and husky. They are both loveable, quirky dogs, and I have a million stories about them.

I got to go home last weekend and visit my parents and dogs. I got a little knitting and a lot of harry potter reading done. More importantly, my dad and I took the dogs on a run, and the next day my parents and I took the dogs on a hike.