Wednesday, May 25, 2005

the long and the short of it

The two sweaters that I'm currently working on both have some length-issues. Sigh. The Accordian sweater is on the long side. I'm following the pattern, but at 22 inches the back very heavy and fits nicely when held up against my back. Should I stop now, and risk it not looking right, or should I keep going and have it potentially be too big for me? For right now it's sitting in "time-out" as Jennie said last night until I decide what to do. The other sweater that I'm working on is Grace. I love the yarn and how it fits except for the length. It comes up above my belly button, and, well, I'm too modest to wear it as is. My belly isn't exactly a part of my body that I want to emphasize, and I think it also looks weird to have 3-4 inches of shirt below the sweater. So I'm currently adding several inches on to the bottom of it. I can't wait to wear it!

Yesterday I was having one of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days (like from the book), and then I got to the Ann Arbor Knit In meeting last night and had a great time laughing and listening to and telling stories. Thanks everyone!

The accordian sweater from made with peace fleece in hemlock, samantha/katya pink and georgia rose. Posted by Hello

Grace from Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005


Yesterday I made and purified this smelly sulfur compound, and it was a success! This reaction has given me such a headache over the years, and I finally got it working. The product decomposes into about four different side-products, which took me awhile to figure out. The last time I distilled this material, water flooded the system (because I use a water aspirator to create a vacuum). Now the chemicals in the flask react violently with water, so after a few minutes the liquid started bubbling and smoking. The glass column that's on top of the flask shot up like a rocket in my hood. Yeah, that wasn't a good day. But this time everything went smoothly with the help of my wonderful labmate, and I got a 90% yield of pure material!!! Yippee!!!

methylsulfinyl chloride

Yucky sulfur reaction
Note the brown tubing in the upper left corner, it should be colorless. The nastyness of these chemicals turns it brown. Posted by Hello


Purification of the yucky sulfur compound. The flask on the left is the pure material. The flask on the right is the crude material. The cloth is hiding the glass tube that became a rocket in my previous distillation. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Stash Expansion at A Gathering Basket

Here are things I bought on my recent trip to A Gathering Basket, which sadly is going out of business. I went to the store thinking, okay I'll just buy needles and other notions to stock-up on supplies. The last thing I needed was more yarn. But alas, the blue color of this Debbie Bliss cotton-silk yarn totally drew me in. I also got both of the Anne Budd books with basic patterns that you can modify, as recommended by Jennie. And the needles were my token attempt to stock-up on supplies. I spent way too much money, but hey I need to somehow get my frustrations out about my grumpy boss! Posted by Hello

The fabulously blue yarn Posted by Hello

the basic pattern books that I got for $11 each Posted by Hello

size 6 & 10 bamboo needles Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

current projects

my digital camera's battery is dead, so no pics to post as of yet. But here are my current projects:
1. accordian sweater from
currently working on the back
2. grace sweater from
all done, but too short! it comes up above my belly button, so will have to add more length
3. headline news cap from SnB Nation
I made one already in a brick red, and started one in a dusty orange, but when I picked it up again I wasn't sure what row I was on. So I'll finish it on the next trip to SLC when I'll have four hours of uninterrupted knitting time
4. ... and soon to be started, dishcloths for the tsunami relief effort that Lynne is involved in